Data Links Simplified


Making Military Communications A Reality

There’s a reason TCG is the number one independent provider in the global tactical data link (TDL) software market: our suite of market-leading software solutions makes battlefield communications reliable, secure, and simple. TCG’s comprehensive line of TDL software products and hardware systems support the critical missions of government, defense, and peacekeeping organizations throughout the world.

TCG’s family of TDL software is used to advance tactical communications for the following customer requirements and needs:

Testing Solutions

TCG provides one of the most comprehensive and reliable tactical data link (TDL) interoperability testing and certification tools in the world. Our Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS®) product allows U.S. and international testing organizations, R&D organizations and systems integrators to test and verify TDL implementations to assure interoperability and conformance to US and international standards. Our testing tools are considered the global “gold standard” in the industry, helping customers adhere to the most complex military standards while working to build better communication systems for real operational use in the field.

Training Solutions

TCG’s innovative training solutions offers military units and air operations organizations a highly efficient system for providing live, virtual constructive training on tactical data link tactics and procedures, allowing operators to “train as they fight,” creating the most realistic training scenarios for pilots for increased situational awareness and mission effectiveness. TCG’s Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS®) offers operational flight squadrons a TDL ground station with simulation capabilities, including virtual assets, so operators receive an extremely cost-efficient, complete ground-based solution for highly realistic operator/pilot training on TDL–based solutions.

Battlefield Operations Solutions

TCG’s live operational solutions offer weapon system integrators and military warfighters off-the-shelf easy to use TDL solutions for today’s modern network centric warfare (NCW). We simplify the complex world of TDL network deployment and operation, linking combat assets with commanders for seamless military-ready communications systems. As the company’s core product, TCG’s LinkPRO® solution is a suite of software components that provide a custom configurable Data Link Processor (DLP) for implementing tactical data links (TDLs) in advanced military communications platforms.