Data Links Simplified


Adaptable TDL Router ATR

The TCG Advantage:
  • Supports multiple TDL communications protocols including all Link 16 MIDS-LVT and Class 2 terminals, Link 16 Small Tactical Terminal (STT), Link 16 TacNet Tactical Radio (TTR), JREAP, SIMPLE, SADL, Socket-J and Serial J connections
  • Dynamic interface configuration
  • Complete J-series message support
  • Dynamic J-series message routing
  • Message (label/sub-label) data filtering
  • Source track data filtering (up to 10)
  • Terminal initialization and control (TCW)
  • Message monitoring (DERG Viewer)
  • Message traffic recording and analysis

The ATR fills the need for a TADIL J interface router that does not require a data link processing engine nor a tactical display and therefore can be purchased at a lower price point than a BOSS or GTS. Using proven, mature software and hardware interfaces, the Advanced Tactical Router seamlessly bridges multiple Link-16 network interfaces, providing dynamic connectivity on-demand at critical infrastructure nodes.


Affordably route multiple Link 16 data link networks without a DLP


Top-Level Architecture

The ATR software package is a collection of software components that can function as a Gateway and Router for multiple tactical data links. The product’s highly scalable design provides interfaces and processing for Link 16, JREAP, SIMPLE, and SADL using a variety of physical interfaces. These data links may be configured to operate independently or collectively.


The Adaptable Tactical Data Link Router (ATR) is a technologically advanced, standards compliant Link 16, JREAP, SADL, and SIMPLE TDL adapter and routing device.

ATR Hardware

The ATR hardware suite is comprised of a computer – such as a Dell Precision Notebook (dual core processor) or Workstation T7910 (desktop) with 2.4 GHz quad core Xeon processors, 16GB RAM, removable 1.2TB hard drive, 100/1000 Ethernet, keyboard, mouse, dual monitor, DVD/RW drive, and external interface hardware, such as MIL-STD-1553 hardware for Link 16 and/or Sea Level USB to synchronous serial adapter for JREAP-A. Ruggedized hardware configurations, such as notebooks, servers, and lunchbox-type computers, are also available.

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