Data Links Simplified


Ground TDL System GTS

The TCG Advantage:
  • Creates virtual, real-world training on multi-TDL networks from the ground to prepare military air operations/flight squadrons for combat
  • Automates Link 16 network entry
  • Up-to-date implementation of Link 16, Link 11 and SADL
  • Integrate live assets into training scenarios in real-time
  • Dual screen displays of tactical and cockpit to improve real-time situational awareness
  • Simple “six click” net entry with TCG’s Terminal Control Wizard (TCW)

TCG’s Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS) is a transportable, fully functional Tactical Data Link (TDL) ground station with Command and Control (C2) capabilities, and is a highly realistic tactical training and simulation system for TDL networks. Selection of the GTS to fulfill the Ground Support System (GSS) program requirements is a testament to its ability to meet the stringent needs of US coalition forces.  Using GTS, military air operators can now easily create live operational Link 11, Link 16, SADL, and TTNT networks from the ground and provide highly efficient, cost-effective and realistic TDL training, allowing operators to “train as they fight” and get military forces ready for real combat. Military air units are now able to lower mission training costs, eliminating substantial fuel and operational costs associated with having jets in the air in order to provide this training.


GTS Key features include:

Integrate Live Assets into Training Scenarios in Real-Time

Included in its comprehensive set of data link training tools is the ability to create and edit training scenarios while receiving live data link traffic from the network. Using this capability, the GTS operator can generate realistic scenario behavior using the actions of live assets that may be conducting their own training mission. This capability provides a significant advantage over tradition closed-loop, off-line scenario generation by allowing for the creation of more realistic training scenarios.

Simulation-Over-Live Capability

The GTS provides each squadron with an operational Link-16 ground station capable of being the Net Time Reference (NTR) and producing a training scenario with virtual assets, such as AWACS, Joint STARS, Rivet Joint, ground based sensors, along with Command and Control functions and friendly, hostile and neutral participants. The resulting Simulation-Over-Live capability provides active units with a high fidelity, low cost, organic training system, which also supports local maintenance and system checkout requirements.

Greatly Simplify Link 16 Network Entry, Comprehensive Terminal Control, BIT, and Monitoring

TCG’s advanced, user friendly Terminal Control Wizard (TCW) greatly simplifies and automates the process of Link 16 network entry.  The TCW delivers “6 clicks to the net” by providing an intuitive user interface that utilizes automated decision making to facilitate the often-complex task of Link 16 network entry.  The control realistically replicates combat scenarios with multiple virtual participants in order to better train and prepare deploying tactical air parties’ combat teams.

Provides Dual Screens of Tactical and Cockpit Picture

GTS provides dual screens of both the entire tactical situation and cockpit display emulation of any selected aircraft to perform better real-time simulation of air-to-air missions and improve tactical situational awareness in combat aircraft.

ACMI-Like Range Officer Training Capability

GTS provides a quick recording analysis tool to support live air to air combat training which greatly enhances live ops and de-brief mission analysis.

Full BOSS® functionality

TCG’s Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS) is built upon TCG’s Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS) and provides all of the functionality of the BOSS plus a distributed architecture and additional hardware. The modular construction of the GTS software allows for any number of squadrons at the same air base to share a single Link-16 terminal asset.


The Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS) is an affordable, Link 16, Link 11, JREAP, SIMPLE, SADL, and DIS tactical Command and Control system with built-in training and simulation.

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