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TDL Hub and Network Translator HUNTR


TCG has developed a patent-pending, multi-link tactical datalink gateway and bridging capability that is built upon TCG’s 18+ years of expertise in providing tactical data link solutions. The interfaces and standards implemented meet or exceed that of our competitors. Moreover, they are accessible and configurable via an intuitive operator interface which clearly indicates connectivity, information flow, and filtering of traffic. This product’s capabilities has the ability to satisfy the interoperability requirements of a broad spectrum of users.


HUNTR (TDL Hub and Network Translator) is an intelligent translation gateway for multiple Tactical Data Links. It was designed from the ground up as an operator-first routing and translation application with a focus on simple, easy-to-understand graphical feedback. The application assists the operator in quickly and dynamically adding or removing data links, and managing data flow between the links.

The routing Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed for touchscreen or keyboard-and-mouse operation with a “green-good-red-bad” operator feedback scheme for rapid identification of terminal/radio operational status, routing errors, or areas in need of attention. The intelligent filtering provides a powerful tool for controlling data flow in cases where the sending and receiving links have disparities in information capacity, or where operator “information overload” is a concern. Routing and forwarding between inputs and outputs is performed in accordance with applicable standards as well as industry best-practices. HUNTR is extensible to other mission types such as a Joint DACAS Coordinated Implementation mission. Another enhancement is the automatic situational awareness provided to an aircraft, on request, when entering the AOR.


Capabilities Summary

HUNTR supports automatic routing, forwarding, and translation of J-Series, K-Series, CoT, and CESMO messages. HUNTR also automates processing and translation of multiple, simultaneous Digitally-Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) missions between ground JTAC kits equipped with VMF or CoT radios and air/land/sea Link 16 assets. HUNTR automatically converts VMF 9-lines into multiple Link 16 messages and automatically updates and maintains Link 16 PPLI and Surveillance tracks and Command and Control (C2) messages.

HUNTR’s aim is to provide users with a working, intelligent gateway that not only incorporates message standards but also incorporates Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) and concepts of operation in realworld battlefield scenarios.

Key Features
  • Multilink tactical gateway
  • Link 16, JREAP, SADL, VMF, CoT, CESMO
  • Intuitive operator interface
  • DACAS, SA, and C2
  • Automatic translation and routing
  • Airborne, land, sea-based tactical gateway
  • Expanded situational awareness from multiple tactical data links
  • Cross-link air support


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