Data Links Simplified


TDL Processing Software LinkPRO

Configurable Front-End Tactical Data Link Processor (DLP) for Implementing Tactical Data Links in Military Communications Systems

The TCG Advantage:
  • Very cost effective solution for integrating tactical data links into weapons, command and control, surveillance and support platforms
  • Allows Terminal Providers to quickly integrate data link processing in terminal systems and get advanced solutions to market
  • Allows Ground C2 System Providers to easily integrate high fidelity tactical data link processing capability to their Ground C2 systems and effectively employ tactical data links in the execution of their assigned mission

As the company’s core product, TCG’s LinkPRO solution is a suite of software components that provide a custom configurable DLP for implementing tactical data links (TDLs) in advanced military communications platforms. Through an implementation that leverages object oriented design techniques and state-of-the-art implementation, LinkPRO provides connectivity and link level management for Command and Control (C2) and non-C2 tactical data systems and their host computers.


LinkPRO Features Include:

Easy Integration to Any Category of Tactical Host (Weapon, C2, Support, etc.).

The product’s highly scalable design and architecture allows for easy integration of LinkPRO with a variety of Host platforms, providing interfaces and processing for Link 16, Link 11, SADL, TTNT, JREAP and other applications. These data links may be configured to operate independently or collectively. LinkPRO boasts a clearly-defined and well-documented Application Programming Interface (API) which greatly simplifies the integration of LinkPRO onto host platforms.

May Be Installed as a Stand-Alone System with Its Own User Interface (UI)

LinkPRO can be used as stand-alone system or embedded in a larger C2 or C4ISR system.  TCG has a display capability and terminal/interface control for LinkPRO that can be used off the shelf as is or customized to provide specific user interfaces, control panels, and other features.

May Be Embedded Into a Tactical Host Mission Software Suite

LinkPRO provides a comprehensive set of interface messages (transactions) to support data link integration with a C2 or C4ISR platform. These messages constitute a well-defined Application Protocol Interface (API) and make it easy to isolate data link functionality. This greatly simplifies the often complex many-to-many relationships of messages to functions. The LinkPRO transactions conceal this complexity by isolating functions and presenting only the tactically significant information to the host. TCG provides an ICD for all LinkPRO customers that fully describes this API.

Flexible Mechanisms for Host Connectivity Based Upon TCP/IP

Connection to TCG’s API is through a TCP/IP socket connection. Basic integration and functionality has been completed in as little as two weeks.  TCG’s technical support team has successfully worked with numerous customers to assist with integration of LinkPRO into their system through this API.

LinkPRO Boasts Robust Interface Options

When a host needs to connect through several interfaces or have the flexibility to add interfaces in the future, LinkPRO is the solution.  With DIS, SIMPLE, and JREAP-C the host can communicate simultaneously through numerous interface in addition to numerous networks.

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