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Tactical Communications Group’s LinkPRO Solution Successfully Deployed in APAC Region Air Defense Command and Control System

Release date: 3/28/2011

LinkPRO Ties Air Operations Centers With Network-Enabled Platforms For Country-Wide Battlespace Management and Continuous Surveillance

TEWKSBURY, MA, March 28, 2011Tactical Communications Group (TCG), the leading independent provider of tactical data link (TDL) software solutions for military test, training, simulation and operational applications worldwide, today announced the successful deployment of TCG’s LinkPRO software as the operational core in a state-of-the-art air defense command and control system being utilized nationwide by a coalition partner country in the Asia-Pacific region.

TCG’s LinkPRO software, in conjunction with Raytheon Solipsys’s Multi-Source Correlator Tracker (“MSCT”) and other system elements is delivering capabilities which fuse air, land, surface and space surveillance into a single picture which, using secure tactical data links, can be shared with coalition partners. In addition, LinkPRO’s comprehensive data link processing capabilities are being used to securely link ground operational centers with combat aircraft and other network-enabled platforms, providing true network-centric battlespace management.

“LinkPRO’s success in this highly-sophisticated solution reflects the culmination of literally years of hard work by our world-class TCG software development team”, said Ed Durkin, TCG’s President and CEO. “We are extremely pleased to be part of this nationwide-deployment, and we believe our success here, and with other operational implementations of LinkPRO, will result in TCG becoming the TDL processing engine of choice for major prime partners who need truly open, extensible, complete, quick-to-field and cost-effective solutions for US and coalition partners.”

About Tactical Communications Group

Founded in 2001, Tactical Communications Group (TCG) is the leading independent supplier of tactical data link software solutions for military communications worldwide. Its powerful, flexible software solutions minimize the time, cost and effort required to build, integrate, test, and deploy military systems that need connectivity and interoperability with tactical data link networks. TCG’s complete tactical data link (TDL) product line includes military testing software, used to ensure compliance of TDL solutions to military standards using the BOSS test solution; military multi-link training systems for battlefield readiness using TCG’s GTS training solution; highly realistic simulation capabilities that can be integrated with flight, ground and naval task trainers using sophisticated organic or contractor-provided scenarios, and live operational systems for secure warfighter communications enabling better operational coordination and increased mission effectiveness using TCG’s LinkPRO software. TCG’s customers include leading military organizations, systems integrators and test agencies worldwide. TCG is headquartered in Tewksbury, MA with offices in Newport News, VA, San Diego, CA, Nellis AFB, NV and Orlando, FL. For additional information, please visit us at or call at 978-654-4800.

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